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FCH2RAIL on International Railway Symposium Aachen – IRSA2023

Credit: DLR (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

DLR presents preliminary findings from the FCH2Rail project focusing the dimensioning process of fuel cell-battery hybrid powertrain concepts for railway vehicles. Marcel Scharmach presents the results of investigations into various simulation tools for rail vehicles, with a specific focus on the comparative analysis of simulation tools applied in the FCH2Rail and the VirtualFCS project. As part of the European Union project FCH2RAIL, Scharmach conducts a comprehensive comparison of simulation methods, examining the various approaches of the dimensioning processes of fuel cells and batteries. The full paper, titled “Comparison of simulative methods for dimensioning of fuel cell-battery hybrid powertrains in FCH2RAIL and Virtual-FCS,” is available in the conference proceedings.

Markus Kordel’s presentation explores two technologies designed to decrease energy consumption in the air conditioning of hydrogen fuel cell rolling stock by utilizing waste energy. The Hydrogen-Powered Air-Conditioning (HyPAC) system makes use of the pressure energy between the hydrogen tank and fuel cell system, while the absorption refrigerator utilizes waste heat generated by the fuel cell. An feasibility analysis of of these technologies takes considers multiple factors, such as hydrogen mass flow, waste heat flow and temperature constraints. The presentation also introduces suggested design concepts for both technologies. The complete paper, titled “Waste Energy AC Technologies in H2 Multiple Units,” is available in the conference proceedings.


Holger Dittus

Institute of Vehicle Concepts (DLR)