Project News

The FCH2RAIL hydrogen demonstrator train achives a new authorization and continues testing between Torralba and Soria line 

Credit: ADIF (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

The FCH2RAIL project has begun tests on the Torralba-Soria line on Friday, 10.11.2023, marking a new milestone in a project that is committed to new environmentally friendly mobility solutions. The main objective of the new tests in the Soria line is to evaluate the performances of the bi-mode Fuel Cell Hybrid train in the new line, increasing the range of power and energy demand conditions and simulating different commercial services. The demonstrator train of the FCH2Rail project represents an innovative solution that combines the efficiency of fuel cells with battery storage and allows running with catenary on electrified sections, allowing for more efficient use of energy and greater autonomy. Moreover, this technology promises a zero emissions product with competitive operating performances compared to traditional diesel propulsion systems.


Holger Dittus

Institute of Vehicle Concepts (DLR)