Project Results

FCH2RAIL deliverable D7.1 – Gaps in regulatory framework prior to the demonstrator train test

This deliverable documents the results of the first Legislative Gap Analysis. The aim is to identify any gaps within the current regulatory framework, from a theoretical point of view, before testing and commissioning the demonstrator train on the railway. The gaps that were found are divided into specific fields of application: related to the train, to the refueling station (HRS), to the pantograph and to the infrastructure.

Regarding the train, gaps have been found in both the specific regulations aimed at railway systems and those from other industries. Regarding the pantograph, gaps that highlight the interaction of the pantograph with the electrical power line have been identified. This pantograph-catenary-interaction may cause electric arcs that represent an ignition source and can cause a fire. Gaps for hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) have been found in ISO 19880, and also a lack of standards regarding hydrogen refuelling protocols for heavy-duty vehicle was noted. Within the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) environmental protection, fire safety on tunnels, ventilation systems and the definition of requirements for refuelling equipment have been identified as most important gaps.


Holger Dittus

Institute of Vehicle Concepts (DLR)