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FCH2RAIL partners visit hydrogen refuelling station supplier

Credit: DLR (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

In the framework of the FCH2RAIL project, the beneficiaries RENFE, ADIF, CAF, CNH2 and DLR made a visit to the CALVERA company on March 14, 2023. CALVERA is currently carrying out the assembly and commissioning of the hydrogen refueling system prototype (HRS prototype) developed by CNH2 for the project. During the visit, the progress could be seen and a project meeting was held to discuss the latest details of the HRS prototype.

The FCH2RAIL project develops a bi-mode hydrogen-powered train, which uses overhead catenary, hydrogen fuel cells and batteries as energy sources. The prototype hydrogen refueling system will be used during demonstration and certification runs to refuel the prototype train developed by CAF, based on a CIVIA electric multiple unit provided by RENFE.


Holger Dittus

Institute of Vehicle Concepts (DLR)